Provides a high-quality service in mortgage advice and protection insurance advice across the UK


    Our company offers superior quality mortgage consultation services and protection insurance consultations in the U.K.
    Choosing the mortgage route for house repayment is a major financial obligation and lifelong decision for most folks. Additionally, with such a massive array of mortgage services out there, it can be extra challenging to determine on your own the right mortgage service for your needs, without any expert consultation services. And this excludes the existing financial settings.

    Our company will prepare you for a mortgage and navigate you through the array of mortgage options you can choose from. After initially speaking with you to find out your needs and comprehend your financial status, a mortgage adviser from our team will carry out extensive market research and suggest the most suitable mortgage option for your needs and specifications. We are independent and freely access a broad collection of mortgage options beyond the ones offered on high street.

    Our services do not end at a mere search for the best mortgage option for you. We can also handle all the necessary documentation, file your application and communicate with all featured parties to ensure a faultless mortgage filing and completion process.


    Helping newbie mortgage buyers is a top priority for us. You can rely on us to get yourself prepared for a mortgage and guide you through the mortgage procedure from start to finish so you can make your way to the top of the property ownership ladder. We know that things can get challenging but we are ready to tackle all your worries in this regard.


    Have you decided to move forward on your home-owning ride? Whether you are planning to move to a bigger family home or downsize for retirement, we are here to assist you. Whatever your decision, we are here to help you get a mortgage deal that perfectly matches your requirements.


    Perhaps you have reached a point where your unit is up for re-mortgage and there may be several reasons involved. Perhaps your fixed rate is due for renewal or you wish to switch to a more convenient rate. We will determine together the best option for your requirements and guide you on how to move forward in a no-hassle manner.


    Whether this is your first “buy to let” decision or you are an experienced lender, taking the most appropriate decisions is vital for your capital success. “Buy to let” mortgage types differ from your typical home-owner mortgages in several aspects and there are specific criteria that should be followed e.g higher deposits, and consideration of the lending market settings.


    For LTD businesses, “buy to let” mortgages are a tad different than the typical buy to let option. The reason behind a buy in an ltd company is because of tax interferences to the lender. We can mention all the key differences between the common buy to let” and the ltd company one, however, there are specific lender requirements that should be followed. It is therefore suggested that you consult an expert accountant or tax consultant--we are more than glad to get you on the right track.


    There is a widespread misbelief in regards to self-employed people and their attempt to file for a mortgage. Our company’s services cover both the employed and self-employed. Of course, the criteria and documentation needed by the lenders differ in some cases but a part of our job is to get your prepared and ensure that you totally meet the lender’s requirements.


    There is an equity lending program by the UK government lending you 20% of your property buy across the UK and up to 40% in the Greater London region. This implies that you will only need to put forward a deposit of 5% and pay 75% or 55% mortgage (in Greater London) to cover the difference. The loan fees will not be charged for the initial 5 years of your homeownership until year 6 where the interest fees will be imposed until final payoff.


    Houses with a shared ownership status are offered through a housing program. Their main activity is to give first-time purchasers a share of the house ownership. Buyers can purchase a share that ranges from 25-75% and then pay the rent on the spare share figure. As a buyer, you can also purchase a larger stake in the property at a future date. These programs are catering to citizens that are not high earners and capable of purchasing a house upfront. The majority of houses offered are freshly developed but some older homes may be resold by home associations. All houses under “shared ownership” status in the UK, are available exclusively on a leasehold framework.


    Life insurance is all about insuring your family in case you pass away. It is basically a scheme that gives financial compensation out of the person insured before death. While we get that this is an unpleasant subject to talk about, it is highly important to back-up any dependent family members who would be burdened financially by your passing. They would then be able to claim what they are rightful to receive by the insurance.


    This type of service is to back-up the occasion where the insurer becomes terminally ill e.g late-stage cancer. In this case, the insurance will cover a single payment which features medical fees, intensive treatment and in some instances, loss of incoming funds if recovery takes longer than usual.


    We regard this as the most valuable insurance of all offered types. Think about an unpleasant pause of your income stream because of a serious accident or terminal illness. Take a moment and ask yourself: who would pay your utility bills? Your food? Your mortgage payment? An income protection insurance, in this case, will pay out a monthly pre-arranged amount based on the amount you pay off on a monthly basis, in case any of the above happens.


    Our biggest priority is to prepare our clients for a mortgage in the first place.

    Many folks use “mortgage broker” as a word to describe their services but we are not fans of the term because brokering of a mortgage deal is too distant.


    First of all, we make sure to get all the necessary info from our customer--we gather info and determine their current financial status. Then we collaborate with them to prepare them for mortgage requirements. We sort out all the necessary paperwork and ensure that everything is met and that our client has the best mortgage option for their needs. 


    It’s a no brainer. Our customers have a need and we fulfil this need. The consultation and guidance step is perhaps the most significant part of a mortgage application and the client should have a solid understanding of the process. We are able to navigate our clients from scratch till finish and ensure their credit documents appeal to lenders e.g low enough card usage limit, good purchases appearing on bank statements, etc.

    A client’s personal finances are highly important when a lender takes a closer look at their current financial status and that is definitely included in the consultation services that we offer. We provide the most appropriate advice based on your personal financial situation and requirements. This implies that we are able to find the most suitable lender with the most suitable product for your needs, before brokering the deal for you. This will be the final step.

    Our highest priority is to offer services that make our customers feel happy and secured, when competing on a mortgage product or when they receive their offer. Our repeat customer satisfaction and “thank you’s” for our work drives us to keep working and loving what we do.


    We know that there are instances where people don’t possess an attractive credit score because of improper handling of their personal finances. For instance, they may be paid a good salary, but they lack proper money management skills. We can help them improve and get into the right status. The main reason for them reaching us out is to see if the odds are in their favour, something that may not take too long. In some cases, it only takes a couple of months for them to achieve a better status and proceed with their application. 


    We ensure that your customers have a full understanding of the mortgage application procedure and how we operate. We have realised that many customers reach us out without having a solid idea of our scope of work and what is their role in the process. Thus, we can help them navigate through this process from scratch till finish--we will let them know what should be done at step 1, step 2, and the final step. And as we do this together, our clients feel they are actively involved in the process.

    We won’t simply reply with an “alright, thank you for the info--we'll go ahead with the research and let you know if we find something for you or not”. And then later down the line respond with “ this is what our research efforts have led to so let’s proceed”.

    This is not our operating mode. 


    We want our customers to participate in the process only if they wish to do so and are willing to understand it. We fully educate our clients step-by-step so they know exactly the position they are in and if anything new has emerged rather than having to chase us repeatedly for updates. It’s much more appropriate to let the client know where they stand with updates e.g “the lender gave us this response so this means we are making good process”

    Helping our clients is engraved in our standards and is our biggest priority. We want to make our clients feel cherished and a part of a win-win occasion. If they are glad, we are glad too and we won’t stop until the client is happy--this is just the manner we handle our business.


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